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Miscellaneous Fun Pics

(The following pictures are real.  They have nothing to do with computers, but we thought they were fun.)


This is what happens when you don't have enough letters -- kinda changes the meaning of the sign.  (Note the missing "N".)  Taken in 2003 in Alexandria, Louisiana.


The sign says, "No motor vehicles."  It makes you wonder why they poured all that concrete.  This is Hwy. 360, northbound, in the D/FW area, in 2007.


Look at the tombstones, read the sign.  This picture was taken in 2003 in  Nacogdoches, Texas.


We all saw Charlton Heston part the water in "The Ten Commandments."  Click the thumbnail to see how he did it.


"Church of Uncertain" -- We're really not making fun of this church, but we couldn't help but wonder if this is where you go to church if you really don't know what you believe.


You can't see it from the thumbnail ... it's a "Spring Sale" at a headstone store.  (We thought it strange -- "Die now and take advantage of our headstone sale.")  Taken May, 2007, in Canton, Texas.


Just a fun Christmas picture


Mailbox in Tool, TX.  Hope no one is trying to walk down the ditch.  Feb, 2008.



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